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Posted by Phil Hillier on March 10, 2022 

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Why Weight Loss Matters for Employment, Relationships, Health, and Peer Approval

Posted by Phil Hillier on July 8, 2022  •  Comments (64)  • 

12 reasons to lose weight - obese male seeking wight lossIn a world where first impressions count, weight loss isn't just about fitting into that favorite dress or skinny jeans; it's about transforming your life on multiple fronts. When it comes to employment, a healthier, more energetic you can make a lasting impression in job interviews and on the job itself. 

Employers often value individuals who exhibit discipline and self-control, qualities often cultivated through weight loss journeys.

Your relationships, too, stand to benefit from your commitment to weight loss. Shedding excess pounds can lead to improved self-confidence and enhanced self-esteem. As a result, you'll radiate positivity, attracting new relationships and rekindling old ones. Weight loss isn't just about looking better; it's about feeling better and fostering deeper connections.

The impact of weight loss on your health cannot be overstated. Not only will you reduce the risk of chronic diseases, but you'll also have more energy to tackle life's challenges. A healthier body means fewer sick days and more time to enjoy the things you love.

And let's not forget the power of peer approval. Weight loss can inspire your friends and family, showing them that positive change is possible. It's a beacon of hope and a catalyst for collective motivation.

So, embark on your weight loss journey today and watch as it transforms your employment prospects, relationships, health, and gains you the admiration and support of those around you. Your future self will thank you.

How to Lose Weight: Exploring the 7 Ways to Lose Weight

Posted by Phil Hillier on October 8, 2022   • 

There are, on my latest count 7 different ways to lose weight – not all of them healthy or beneficial to our overall health, and No 7 should be avoided at all costs. 

So what are the 7 ways to lose weight? 

1. Diet for Weight Loss:

Dieting alone will help you lose weight and should be your first port of call for weight loss – there is very little point in trying other methods until you have substantially improved your diet by eating healthy. A healthy eating diet will help to reverse the effects of a poor diet – inflammation, obesity, poor blood sugar control, diabetes, poor cardiovascular health, poor lung health, knee, and joint pain through overloading with excess weight and bone/cartilage integrity. However, it does depend on the diet as not all diets are created equal – certain diets are more hazardous to your health than they would like you to know. 

2. HIIT Workout for Fat Loss.

HIIT workouts have been proven to be the workout for fat loss. The old days of long boring cardio no longer work and can cause more harm than good. Choosing the right workout is still important but should still follow a healthy eating plan.

3. Detox for Fat Loss.

Detoxing or Cleansing can be very beneficial for weight loss and overall health. And there are many reasons why we ALL need to detox our bodies periodically. Atmospheric pollution causes many internal health problems. Then there are "dietary pollutants" - toxins within the food we eat and as a result of our own metabolism.

4. Dietary Supplements / Pills.

Here we take a look at these convenience methods of weight loss and their viability as a long-term solution.

5. Liposuction.

Here I delve into the options of liposuction for weight loss and weigh up the odds of it being a long-term weight loss solution.

6. Bariatric Surgery.

Bariatric surgery came about as a method of helping people to lose a substantial amount of weight for health reasons. In some cases, surgical interventions like gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery may be recommended for significant weight loss. These methods are typically considered after other options have been exhausted. However, there are issues with Bariatric surgery which we discuss in detail.

7. Surgical Removal.

While Liposuction and Bariatric Surgery are classed as surgical removal of excess weight, here we are looking at dysmorphia and other "surgical methods of losing weight"